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Where the exquisite air of a local barbershop meets the needs of the modern gentleman

Having its home in the heart of Bucharest, Finecut is a full-service grooming business, dedicated to providing the finest experience possible, in a very friendly and cosy setting. Here, you will be treated as the gentleman you are, customer service being one of our mantras. You will find that the authentic experience Finecut is providing is half based on the groovy atmosphere, half based on the precision our barbers offer. From the classic practice of the hot towel shave to the modern edgy haircuts, our team knows best the fine art of grooming.

We strive to take the best rituals from the classical barbershop and transform it in a high quality, modern place where you enjoy coming for a treat. Our mission is to make men that cross our door look neat, providing superior quality services. Furthermore, dedication and passion, these two together are what we value most, because we truly believe you need to love what you do.

We look forward to meeting you - it would be a great pleasure!

Haircut by Barber Stylist
60 LeiFINECVT barbers provide traditional, short hair cuts, as well as contemporary and trendy styles, employing the use of shears or clippers as the stylist sees fit. Involves: haircut, shampoo, blow dry, styling products.
Haircut by Barber Junior
40 LeiHaircut by a talented Junior Barber. Involves: haircut, shampoo, blow dry, styling products.
Beard Trim by Barber Stylist
50 LeiUsing clippers or shears to trim or shape facial hair. Involves: beard trim, nourishing beard grooming oil/balm.
Beard Trim by Barber Junior
30 LeiBeard Trim by a talented Junior Barber. Involves: beard trim, nourishing beard grooming oil/balm.
Full Beard
60 LeiThis service is highly recommended for our clients that want a real treat. Involves: beard trim, nourishing shampoo+conditioners, hot towel, shave cream, razor line up of the jaw, neck and cheeks, cold towel, post shave repair gel+beard products.
Head Shave
60 LeiA head shave performed with an open razor. Consists: hot towels, shaving with a cut throat razor, shaving cream, cologne and aftershave balm scents, post shave moisturizer.
Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave
70 LeiA multi-step process based on timeless traditions. Using: pre-shave oils, hot towels to prepare the skin for an old school straight razor shave, shave moisturizer and even more relaxing hot towels, cold towel, gels that nourishes and soothes skin, facial massage.

Monthly subscription offers are available in the barbershop.

Come in for a cut and enjoy the finest barbershop experience possible


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